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Meet the jeweller

Guillaume Stapylton Smith

Stapylton-Smith was founded by jewellery designer Guillaume Stapylton-Smith, based in Chelsea, London. He has a mission to create heirloom-quality pieces that reflect his passion for storytelling and fine craftsmanship. 

Born in Paris and raised in London, Guillaume Stapylton-Smith trained at the Haute Ecole de Joaillerie in Paris, before establishing his brand in 2020. He specialises in unique bespoke jewellery pieces drawing on his English and French origins, and as a trained gemmologist, he is able to source the most distinctive and unique gemstones from all over the world, ensuring that every part of the production process is as sustainable and ethical as possible.


His designs originate from Renaissance jewellery and the maximalism found in cabinets of curiosities. While his inspiration comes from ancient times, his designs stay contemporary through his attraction to movement which translates into curves, loops and bends within his jewellery.  The Stapylton-Smith bespoke design process involves a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and intentions, which leads to a showcase of drawings and paintings (or more commonly known as “gouache” in the jewellery world), which the customer can choose from before starting the production of the jewel.

Click here to discover more about our bespoke process, how we work and our ethics.

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