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Stapylton-Smith, led by the talented independent jeweller Guillaume Stapylton-Smith in London, proudly presents the Pink Oval Tourmaline Cocktail Ring. This piece is a remarkable blend of bold elegance and artistic creativity, perfect for those seeking a bespoke ring that makes a definitive style statement.


Key Features:

  • Centre Gemstone: The ring features a stunning pink oval tourmaline, weighing approximately 5.2 carats, known for its vibrant hue and captivating presence.
  • Metal Setting: Set within an 18ct rose gold mounting, the tourmaline's rich colour is beautifully complemented by the warm tones of the metal.
  • Diamond Accents: Embellished with flush-set round brilliant cut diamonds along the band, these diamonds amplify the ring's overall radiance and sophistication.
  • Handcrafted Design: Each ring is individually handmade to order, reflecting a commitment to craftsmanship and personal style.
  • Delivery Timeframe: Standard delivery is estimated at 4-6 weeks, with potential variations for additional customisations.
  • London Craftsmanship: Handmade in London, the ring carries the legacy of the city's rich heritage in jewellery design and craftsmanship.
  • Versatility: This cocktail ring transitions effortlessly from day to evening wear, embodying both luxury and individuality.


The Pink Oval Tourmaline Cocktail Ring from Stapylton-Smith is not only a piece of jewellery but a reflection of personal style and refinement. It stands as a testament to Guillaume Stapylton-Smith's expertise in creating bespoke engagement rings.

Pink Tourmaline Twist Ring

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