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Discover the Gemstone Medley Pendant, a bespoke creation by London-based independent jeweller Guillaume Stapylton-Smith. Crafted from the finest 18k yellow gold, this pendant is a vibrant tapestry of various gemstones, each telling its own story. It's more than just an accessory; it's a celebration of personalised beauty and the diverse allure of gemstones.


The design of this pendant is a colourful canvas, featuring a harmonious blend of precious and semi-precious stones. It symbolizes the unity of different elements to create something uniquely beautiful, mirroring the diversity of life's experiences.


Key Features:

  • Material: Crafted in luxurious 18k yellow gold, providing a warm, rich base for the gemstones.
  • Gemstone Diversity: A melee of diamonds, citrine, peridot, sapphire, and quartz, each stone chosen for its unique colour and brilliance, creating a symphony of hues.
  • Design Elegance: Set within an elegant 18k yellow gold mount, the gemstones are arranged to maximise their collective impact, offering a striking visual appeal.
  • London Craftsmanship: Handmade to order in the heart of London, embodying the city's legacy of exquisite craftsmanship and design excellence.
  • Customisation Option: Personalise your pendant with a selection of gemstones to tell your unique story.
  • Delivery: A standard delivery time of 4-6 weeks, with variations depending on customisation requests.


Elevate your style with the Gemstone Medley Pendant – a testament to individuality and the multifaceted nature of beauty. This piece is not just an adornment but a reflection of your journey, embodying the essence of your experiences through its vibrant colours and design.


Stapylton-Smith is dedicated to creating jewellery that resonates with your personal narrative. We invite you to reach out for customisation discussions or any queries. Allow us to craft a pendant that is as unique as you are, becoming a treasured symbol of your individuality and style.

Confetti Pendant

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