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Explore the captivating charm of the "Bonbon" Ring, a confectionery-inspired engagement ring designed by Guillaume Stapylton-Smith, an independent jeweller based in London. This exquisite ring intertwines luxury with whimsical elegance, featuring a luscious Colombian emerald cabochon as its centerpiece.


  • Gemstone: A mesmerizing Colombian emerald cabochon, celebrated for its depth and rich colour, reminiscent of the finest candy.
  • Craftsmanship: The emerald is expertly set in an 18k yellow gold mounting, showcasing the gemstone's natural beauty.
  • Design: The cabochon cut enhances the emerald's allure, while the gold round wire band adds sophistication to the playful design.
  • Customisation: Handmade to order in London, offering opportunities for personalisation to suit individual preferences.
  • Production Time: Standard delivery estimated at 4-6 weeks, with potential variations for customised pieces.
  • Heritage: This ring reflects London's legacy in jewellery craftsmanship and design excellence.

The "Bonbon" Ring by Stapylton-Smith is both an exquisite piece of jewellery and a celebration of whimsical luxury and timeless design. Perfect for those seeking a bespoke engagement ring that reflects a playful yet sophisticated style.

Bonbon Ring

  • Our gipsy set ring comes with 2ct of old mine cut diamonds set in yellow. A handcrafted ring with a bold.

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