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Introducing the Round Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring from Stapylton-Smith, a captivating symbol of timeless romance crafted by Guillaume Stapylton-Smith, a distinguished independent jeweller based in London. This exquisite piece is designed to celebrate the start of a beautiful journey together, embodying both tradition and uniqueness.


Key Features:

  • Centre Gemstone: At the core is a stunning 1.11-carat round sapphire, its deep blue hue radiating elegance and a captivating allure.
  • Metal Setting: The sapphire is beautifully set in an 18k white gold mounting, providing a sturdy and sophisticated base for the gemstone.
  • Diamond Embellishments: A unique array of round brilliant cut diamonds adorns the band, their mismatched placement adding individuality and charm to the classic design.
  • Craftsmanship: Each ring is handcrafted to order with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a bespoke fit and finish that reflects the wearer's personal story.
  • Delivery Timeframe: Expect a standard delivery period of 4-6 weeks, with potential variations for additional customisations.
  • London Legacy: Handmade in a city known for its exceptional craftsmanship and design heritage, each piece carries a story of love and commitment.
  • Customisation Availability: The design is flexible to meet a variety of preferences and needs, with the opportunity to discuss further personalisation.


This Round Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring from Stapylton-Smith stands as a testament to Guillaume's commitment to creating bespoke rings that are as unique as the love stories they represent. This engagement ring is a personal and profound declaration of love.

Pompadour Sapphire Ring

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