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Indulge in the craftsmanship of Guillaume Stapylton-Smith, a renowned independent jeweller in London, with the 18k White Gold Diamond Wedding Band. This elegant piece symbolises the unbreakable bond of love, meticulously handcrafted to mark your special journey together.


Expertly fashioned by Stapylton-Smith, this bespoke ring features 0.55 carats of round brilliant diamonds, set in a radiant 18k white gold band. The continuous circle of diamonds mirrors the eternal nature of your commitment, making this wedding ring a timeless treasure. Its 2mm width balances subtlety and brilliance, allowing the diamonds to truly captivate and express the depth of your love.


Key Features:

  • Handcrafted by independent jeweller Guillaume Stapylton-Smith in London.
  • 0.55 carats of round brilliant diamonds.
  • Set in luxurious 18k white gold.
  • Elegant 2mm band width.
  • Customisable to suit individual preferences.
  • Estimated delivery: 4-6 weeks (varies with customisation).


This wedding ring is more than a symbol of your union; it is a personal statement of style and elegance. Each ring is created with the highest attention to detail, ensuring that it not only represents your love but also reflects your unique tastes.


As a testament to London's rich heritage in jewellery design, this wedding band embodies the city's commitment to excellence in craftsmanship. Owning this piece means embracing a legacy of quality and artistry that has been cherished for generations.


Choose the 18k White Gold Diamond Wedding Band by Guillaume Stapylton-Smith for an extraordinary representation of your journey together. It’s more than a ring; it's a bespoke creation that encapsulates the beauty of your love story, enduring as a timeless emblem of your special day. For a personalised touch or any queries, we invite you to contact us and explore the possibilities of customising this exquisite piece.

Pompadour Wedding Band

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